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Felicia Roberson

NC Training & Technical Assistance Center Director

Felicia Roberson is the Prevention Practice Improvement Manager at Addiction Professionals of North Carolina, coordinating services for the NC Substance Abuse Prevention COVID-19 Supplemental Funds Block Grant. Most recently, Ms. Roberson provided six years of leadership as a member of the management team at Walgreens in Troy, AL while working as a Training and Technical Assistance consultant in the states of North Carolina and Ohio. Throughout her 30+ years of experience, she has successfully provided strong support and guidance to numerous state-funded substance abuse prevention organizations and their staff members while strategically implementing efficient and innovative practices and promoting an outcome-based field of practice. In addition, Felicia assisted with the creation of a highly effective training system within the state of Illinois during her tenure as the Training Manager at Prevention First. There, she also conducted the necessary research to develop and conduct highly professional solutions to improve performance. The solutions included: multi-faceted training and materials, factsheets, newsletters, etc. while adhering to state standards, regulations and professional ethics. Felicia has a master’s degree in Communications with a concentration in Human Performance and Training and Organizational Development.