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Tipping the Pain Scale

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    You can also view this documentary created by The Governor’s Institute about the harm reduction work being done here in North Carolina.

  3. Engage in Discussion

    Below is the recording of the panel discussion where community experts discussed how policies and services can be changed to better address the opioid and overdose crisis in North Carolina, particularly in this area.


Throughout the panel discussion, our panelists listed a significant number of resources. We have gathered links to those resources below for your convenience.


Healing Transitions 

Oxford House North Carolina

Oxford House Vacancies

Recovery Communities of North Carolina

Alcohol Drug Council of North Carolina

LMS Voice

Collegiate Recovery Communities in North Carolina

Alternative Peer Groups

Wake Monarch Academy

Emerald School of Excellence

Shaw University Counseling Center

Shaw University Timely Care App

Talk it Out NC Campaign

Good Samaritan Act NC

Association of Recovery in Higher Education

Association of Recovery Schools

2022 Annual National Conference – Collegiate Recovery

NC Recovery Alliance


Angela Maxwell, PhD, Substance Abuse Prevention Block Grant Manager at NCDHHS could not join us in person for the event as a panelist. She wrote remarks in response to the film. You can view them HERE.


Joseph Green

Joseph Green

LMS Voice

Kurtis Taylor

Kurtis Taylor

Executive Director, Alcohol/Drug Council of NC

Jarmichael Harris

Jarmichael Harris, MS, LCAS (he/him)

APNC and Engage Recovery

Sydney Bailey

Sydney Bailey, (she/her)

Student at Shaw University

About the Panelists

Joseph Green is a motivational speaker, educator, trainer, professional storyteller, award-winning spoken word poet, and a person in long-term recovery.

Joseph’s life story and work are featured in media outlets such as Youth Today, UpWorthy, PBS NewsHour, NPR, and many more. Joseph’s presentations and workshops are for anybody seeking a reconnection to purpose, motivation, or community. His work reminds us that more important than knowing what we are fighting against is knowing and never forgetting what we are fighting for.

With a background in theatre and performance poetry, Joseph intertwines storytelling and spoken word poetry to inspire his audience to join him on a journey of self-care, self-awareness, self-forgiveness, and paying your blessings forward to make a world a better place for everyone. He believes strongly in stories’ innate ability to connect people to their higher purpose and one another.

Joseph has partnered with many programs making a positive change in schools and communities nationwide. He has designed youth empowerment programs and a comprehensive training for adults working in youth development. In Washington DC, he created “The Healing Root DC” – a mental health literacy program for youth leaders. In Maryland, Joseph works with incarcerated youth to highlight their stories and help end mass incarceration.

Keep Up with Joseph:

LinkTree: https://linktr.ee/LMSvoice

For many years, Kurtis Taylor has been a voice for citizens seeking long-term recovery from substance use disorders. He served as an appointed member of Governor Pat McCrory’s Task Force on Mental Health & Substance Use Disorders. He has served multiple terms as Chairperson for the NC Substance Use Disorder Federation and as a member of the NC Departmental Waiver Advisory Committee (DWAC). He serves as chairperson of the board of directors for i2i Center for Integrative Health and a board member for the Emerald School of Excellence – the first Recovery High School in North Carolina.

Mr. Taylor is also a person in long-term recovery. For him, this means that he has not used alcohol or any other substance since December 23rd, 2002. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in social work from Shaw University in May of 2019.

Presently, Mr. Taylor serves as the executive director of the Alcohol Drug Council of NC (ADCNC), where he is committed to making their information & referral hotline, perinatal services, National Guard screening & brief intervention program, and prevention services the best in the country. Under his leadership, the Council respects and embraces all pathways to recovery. He is committed to the elimination of stigma that is still attached to the subject of recovery, and he is an extremely vocal advocate for all citizens faced with the challenges that accompany substance use disorders.

Jarmichael Harris, MS, LCAS (He/Him) is the Founder/CEO of Engage Recovery and currently serves as the Director of Scholastic Recovery for the Addiction Professionals of North Carolina. Mr. Harris is an advocate for the expansion of Recovery Support resources for underrepresented populations – both regionally and nationally, volunteering his time on several boards, including as Co-Chair of the Association of Recovery in Higher Education’s Board of Directors. Mr. Harris has spent the past decade working in substance use treatment and recovery supports, working with adolescents and young adults, and advocating for a more expansive Recovery Oriented System of Care. He is a two-time alum of his beloved East Carolina University, where he also serves as Adjunct Professor. Raised in Salisbury, NC, Mr. Harris enjoys being outdoors and taking in everything the great state of North Carolina has to offer.

Keep up with J
Twitter: @jharris_engage
Instagram: @engagerecovery
LinkTree: www.linktr.ee/harrisja06


Sydney Bailey (she/her) is a current senior at Shaw University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and currently holds an Associates of Arts in applied Psychology, from Carson Newman College, in Jefferson City, TN. As a student-athlete for both institutions of higher learning, Sydney provides a unique perspective to the panel – having experienced student life at a Predominately White Institution and a Historically Black College and University (HBCU). Sydney plans to pursue a career in Social Work and create a lasting change by engaging communities in tough conversations.